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Energy Therapy

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Sessions are held either in-person or from a distance via telephone.  Contact Daphne to schedule an appointment.  



What to Expect


Daphne's studio is in a renovated section of her barn and overlooks the gardens and animals on the family farm.  During the work, you remain fully-clothed, either on the massage table or in a comfortable seated position. Most people experience deep relaxation during the session and many feel the energy shifting as the therapy commences.  Some feel little in the moment but notice multiple changes in the following days.  The process is guided exclusively by the client's intentions for healing.  It is always deeply relaxing and effortless.

Distance sessions begin via phone and can be at least as effective as in-person work.  




"Daphne is a deep listener, with a gift for hearing the metaphors and stories of our lives.  Her ability to see images in the energetic fields we carry, and to use those images to help us get out of stuck places has been a gift.  Her generosity of spirit grounds the work she does, and invites you to join her in an energetic field of joy and abundance."


DH, Public Health Nutritionist, Hartford, CT


Shifting content at the energetic level creates beneficial change that manifests in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of being.  Often, the very experience of being truly "seen" outside one's holding patterns is enough to bring realignment and wellness.  



Energy Therapy Facilitates:

  • deep relaxation

  • the body's ability to heal itself

  • stepping out of unhelpful thought patterns

  • optimum well-being

  • clarity and knowing

  • shifts in relationship with self and others



"Daphne is patient, caring, generous and a very talented and powerful healer. While in the midst of two injuries, aside from the physical relief I needed, her consistency, loving spirit, enthusiasm and commitment to 'see me through the course' were invaluable."      


EM, Chiropractor, Montague, Ma.





Many Ways of Knowing


Daphne offers sessions in both Matrix Energetics and Reiki, and often combines these approaches.  Matrix Energetics is a conciousness technology that uses spatial and kinesthetic clairvoyance and morphic resonance.   Reiki  is the practice of channelling healing life force. 

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