Somatic Therapy

Private Sessions

Private sessions may be ideal for you if you are wanting:


  • the support of a trusted, compassionate listener

  • connection to your body's intelligence

  • more access to your emotional life

  • relief from overwhelming emotion

  • a safe, one-on-one environment to learn the art of Focusing

  • to release hindered responses and blocked energy caused by trauma

  • a more regulated nervous system

  • increased energy, motivation and initiative

  • ​increased mindfulness, self-compassion and inner authority

  • grounded trust in yourself and in something greater than you

  • an easy, effortless way to move your life forward


Daphne's therapeutic approach combines Intuitive Focusing with Somatic Experiencing.  She will support you to listen more deeply than is possible on your own.  You'll be able to access and strengthen the many ways your body, mind, and emotions benefit you and protect you.  At the same time, you'll have the opportunity to release unresolved fight, flight and freeze responses that may be bound in your system.


The Modalities:


Focusing is a safe, trustworthy way of supporting self-awareness and organically-arising insight and direction.

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.  It offers a framework to assess where a person is “stuck” in the fight, flight or freeze responses and supports the release of these fixated physiological states.  

About Trauma:

"Shock trauma" refers to cases in which a person's nervous system is disregulated by a single incident such as a car accident, surgery, or natural disaster.  "Developmental trauma" refers to disruptions occurring before or during birth, and in young childhood.  Developmental trauma can be prolonged and/or recurring and typically requires an extended course of therapy.  Since we are working with the implicit memory in the body, conscious memory isn't needed to re-establish a sense of wellness, calm, and confidence.

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"I have been Focusing with Daphne for many years and she is a treasure.  Daphne has the capacity to be present with whatever emerges within me, and offers clear and gentle reflection that supports me to welcome all aspects of myself.  I recommend her for those who want to develop deep self-trust and authentic inner guidance."

  -  BM, Life Coach, Montague, MA




"In working with Daphne, I am struck by her natural and seasoned ability to stay close and respectfully present with clients. She is a highly skilled and heart-centered teacher and guide."

  -  AN, Focusing Professional, Greenfield, MA


"I found one hour of Focusing more effective than two years of therapy."  

  -  SW, Teacher, Amherst, MA

Daphne Bye 2015