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Somatic Therapy


Somatic Experiencing  

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.  The sessions are client-focused and practitioner-led.  In SE, we work over time to experience and strengthen embodiment, and to bring ease to the nervous system. We build capacity to feel our emotions and to withstand difficulty.  We may feel like we are gradually unwinding and awakening. SE is my primary tool in therapeutic work.



Somatic Experiencing may be ideal for you if, in addition to the above, you are wanting:


  • a more regulated nervous system

  • relief from anxiety

  • to feel more embodied

  • to experience and strengthen the many ways your body, mind, and emotions support your well-being

  • to gently release unresolved fight, flight, and freeze responses that may be bound in your system after a shock trauma*

  • longer-term therapy to address more deeply-imprinted patterns caused by developmental trauma*


Somatic Experiencing is necessarily gentle and slow-paced.  Expect to work weekly or bi-weekly for several months in the case of shock trauma, and longer in the case of developmental trauma, in order to absorb cumulative, long-lasting change.  Offered on Zoom or in-person.



*"Shock trauma" refers to cases in which a person's nervous system is dysregulated by a single incident such as a car accident, surgery, or natural disaster.  "Developmental trauma" refers to disruptions occurring before or during birth, and in childhood.  Developmental trauma can be prolonged and/or recurring and typically requires an extended course of therapy.  Since we are working with the implicit memory in the body, conscious memory isn't needed to re-establish a sense of wellness, calm, and confidence.

Guided Focusing 


Inner Relationship Focusing is a lightly guided self-development tool.  This mindfulness practice allows us to access the intelligence our body is carrying.  When we meet ourselves with curiosity and compassion, and when we accept ourselves as we are, life changes for the better. 


Guided Focusing sessions may be ideal for you if you are wanting:


  • the support of a trusted, compassionate listener and guide

  • connection to your body's intelligence

  • the freedom and authority to follow your own arising process

  • more access to your emotional life

  • relief from overwhelming emotion

  • a safe, one-on-one environment to learn the art of Focusing

  • to increase energy, motivation and initiative

  • ​to increase mindfulness, self-compassion and inner authority

  • to grow trust in yourself and in something greater than you

  • an easy, effortless way to move your life forward


The frequency of Focusing sessions varies from person to person.  Some sign up only when needing extra support.  Some prefer to have weekly or monthly sessions as they experience the cumulative benefits of ongoing Focusing sessions.  Offered on Zoom, by phone, or in-person.


Pain Reprocessing Therapy


PRT is based on the neuroscience which shows that, while chronic pain feels very real, in most cases it is generated by misfiring pain circuits in the brain.  In other words, your brain can misinterpret a sensation as dangerous and, coupled with stress and perhaps emotional turmoil, it sends out pain signals to the body.  PRT uses mindfulness and the tracking of sensation to rewire the brain out of the pain syndrome.  When we combine PRT with Somatic Experiencing, we address not only the pain but the emotional contexts involved.

Because all pain feels like there is something wrong with the body, here are some indications that your pain is neuroplastic, or caused by misfiring communication in the brain and nervous system:

  • The pain originated during a time of stress

  • The pain originated without injury

  • The symptoms are inconsistent

  • The symptoms spread or move around

  • There are a large number of symptoms

  • The symptoms are triggered by stress or emotional turmoil

  • You have symmetrical symptoms

  • You have suffered childhood adversity

Although some people have immediate results with PRT, expect the work to be gradual and to last ten sessions or more.

Reiki and Matrix Energetics 


Reiki promotes physical healing, and deep relaxation.  Matrix Energetics can promote change in the energetic field, initiating welcome shifts in people’s lives.  Combining these two approaches has proven strongly effective.


Sometimes a session can be aided by these additional supports and we talk about your comfort level and get your permission before including them.

Contact Daphne to schedule a session.  



"I have been Focusing with Daphne for many years and she is a treasure.  Daphne has the capacity to be present with whatever emerges within me, and offers clear and gentle reflection that supports me to welcome all aspects of myself.  I recommend her for those who want to develop deep self-trust and authentic inner guidance."

  -  BM, Life Coach, Montague, MA


"In working with Daphne, I am struck by her natural and seasoned ability to stay close and respectfully present with clients. She is a highly skilled and heart-centered teacher and guide."

  -  AN, Focusing Professional, Greenfield, MA


"I found one hour of Focusing more effective than two years of therapy."  

  -  SW, Teacher, Amherst, MA

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