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Focusing: The Introductory Workshop

Now Online via Zoom:

Saturday , November 13, 2021

10:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern Time

You have lived in your body since conception.  It has a lot to tell you!


Focusing is a mindfulness tool that helps us access our emotional and physical reality in a way that mental constructs cannot.  We can become experts in our personal “felt sense”, the intelligence inherent in our bodies that allows us to safely uncover and loosen wounds, difficult emotions, habituated patterns, and blocked responses. 


Focusing is a powerful tool for self development.  It can also be a complimentary tool for clinicians, body workers, health professionals, educators, meditators, and parents.  For any individual wishing to move forward from a place of embodied knowing, Focusing is simple, comforting, gently powerful, and safe.

This workshop is an experiential introduction to Inner Relationship Focusing.

Sliding Scale:  $20 - $60

Please contact Daphne to register.  


This workshop is offered regularly in different venues throughout the Pioneer Valley and online.  




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