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Inner Relationship Focusing:

The Eight-week Course 2022

Tuesdays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm    ET

January 4 to March 1, 2022

Offered ONLINE.  To join us, see below!

This course is a combination of what is typically known as

Levels One and Two, and covers both Focusing and Companioning




  • Fostering an attitude of kindness and friendship to oneself

  • Using language that establishes a relationship between you, the observer, and the inner life you experience

  • Accessing and interacting with the intelligence in your body

  • Eugene Gendlin's six steps to Focusing

  • Being a great listener: providing structure and reflection 

  • Understanding the value of not fixing others and applying it

  • Focusing Partnerships - Practice and More Practice


  • Eight two-hour classes.  The evenings include small group and partner formations for experiential learning; teaching and modeling; discussion; and some movement.

  • Between eight and sixteen practice sessions outside of class (over 8 weeks) with partners from your cohort.  Be prepared to spend 1-2 hours per week outside of class for practicing with peers.

  • Short reading assignments 

  • Demonstrations and modelling 

  • Students gain access to local and global Peer Partnership networks.



The sliding scale for the full course is $280 - $480. 

To Register:  email Daphne

This course is offered annually.

"A note of thanks and appreciation for your teaching and this focusing class.  I am responding very deeply to this material and have been surprised again and again at its simplicity, depth and relevance.   Thank you for sharing what you clearly love so deeply and building this strong, strong container for us to learn."       D.A. - Environmental Educator, Storyteller


"I'm wrapping up my time in this course with much gratitude for Daphne.  I'd struggled with trying to find a mindfulness practice that would work for me. What I needed was a bodyful practice - a practice that is centered in open curiosity and the welcoming of my own embodied felt sense.  Focusing has become this for me.  Daphne is a wonderful, gentle, focusing practitioner and teacher who brought us into the focusing process in a clear and gentle way.  It's been a pleasure to work with her. "

 J.A. - Systems Theory Consultant 

“Daphne is deeply experienced with the processes of listening to what the body wants to tell the brain: the process of Focusing. She is a teacher who knows it can be difficult for people to learn Focusing, because it took her a long time to learn. I think slow learners make the best teachers, because they don’t take anything for granted. Relax if you are a slow learner, and release your judgment, Daphne is a wonderful teacher for you.”

B.J. - Retired Economist


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