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Trainings in Inner Relationship Focusing


Focusing lets our mind hear what our body is saying.  

INF gives us a framework to be in relationship to our inner lives.  We cultivate our capacity to sit beside our experience and witness it with curiosity and deep caring.  In doing so, we gain perspective, confidence, and life-giving insight.

Focusing can be helpful within minutes and can also serve as a long-term practice.  As we develop the art of connecting to this inner guidance and the clarity it brings, we accompany ourselves with increased trust, compassion, and mindfulness.




    The Introductory
      On Demand


Focusing is a mindfulness tool that can help us find inner clarity, facilitate decision-making, and reach whole-body knowing in a way that mental constructs do not.  It is an art learned through observation and experience.  

This introductory workshop gives you a taste of Focusing and is a prerequisite to the eight-week course.  


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 Inner Relationship
 An Eight-Week Course

   Tuesdays 7 - 9 pm   ET
    January 4 to March 1, 2022

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The Focusing Forum:
Practice with Peers
The last Tuesday of each month.  Online.
This is an opportunity for current and former students to gather for review and peer practice.  Click here for more
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